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Puka Shell Bangle


A puka shell found on our island beaches, glides around this bangle.

Your bangle will be textured to catch the sunshine.
Or upon your request, polished smooth.

This listing is for one sterling silver
or 14k gold-filled puka shell bangle.

The standard size is 8” around,
2½ inches in diameter.
The puka shell is approximately
¾ inch in diameter.

To measure, touch your thumb to your pinky.
The bangle needs to fit over the largest part of your hand, around your knuckles.
This will be your bangle size.

Extra Small 7 inches
Small 7½ inches
Medium 8 inches
Large 8½ inches
Little larger please 9 inches

These bangles are 12 guage thickness.

Want a thicker bangle.
See listing to upgrade bangle to 10 guage.

14k gold available upon request.
Please contact me for pricing and to order.

Aloha ♥