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Oh the Places You'll Go - Latitude & Longitude Coordinate Bangle


Hand Stamped
Personalized bangle with
latitude and longitude coordinates.
You choose your location.

Some Ideas:
Choose a special place
Your 1st kiss
Where you first met
Your 1st home
Favorite vacation
Places you've lived
Children's birthplace...

At checkout, please note
the latitude & longitude (GPS)
or address of your chosen location.

Your bangle will be textured to catch the sunshine.
Or upon your request, polished smooth.

The standard size is 8” around, 2½ inches in diameter.

To measure, touch your thumb to your pinky.
The bangle needs to fit over the largest part of your hand, around your knuckles.
This will be your bangle size.

Extra Small 7 inches
Small 7½ inches
Medium 8 inches
Large 8½ inches
Little larger please 9 inches

Aloha ♥